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Abbey Carpet & Floor Showroom


Great Products from a Local Business

Smaller specialty stores are the one solution to the big box stores. Specialty stores offer what the big stores can't: Experience in the industry, products sourced to meet needs versus bottom line, and sales people who aren't switching from one profession to another depending on the day of the week or staffing need.....
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A Nice Warm Tile Floor

Typically when you hear about a tile floor, warm is not a word used to describe it. How can a tile floor be warm you ask? Did you know there are inexpensive systems available to install with your new floor to fix that problem?....
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Make BHOT Your Destination

Flynn, Chris, John, and Maya are available to walk with you through our ten thousand square foot showroom or our enormous twenty-one thousand square foot warehouse. As you transition from showroom to warehouse don't be afraid to take time to walk outside and enjoy the minimal distractions of a location off the main highway....
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Is Cheap Really Cheaper?

The home you currently reside in or are thinking about buying is most likely the most expensive possession you own. If it turns out your car is the most expensive; then I can't help you. For the rest of us, the types of materials you invest into your home will help keep or increase its....
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It's the Sub-Floor Silly!

What is a sub-floor? I know there are some who know and others may not. For those people I will explain. A sub-floor is the structure of your finish floor. The materials you choose to walk and live on in your home....
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Flooring Philosophy

Flooring is a wonderful invention. What a nice product to place your feet after a long day standing or walking on unpleasant and uncomfortable ground. In today's world, however, cheap flooring is what all the commercials say customers want. If the only options for flooring were cheap or cheaper, I would agree....
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I have worked for Andrew for 10 years. In that time, I have seen the successes and failures of both the business and the industry. This is an industry tied to the fortunes of discretionary income and available home improvement dollars.
I first met Andrew after doing business with the House of Tile through a local contractor. He added an addition to our home. This addition needed flooring. He recommended the House of Tile without a pause. I trusted him and bought my all my hardwood flooring from them. It has been over 10 years and the floor has weathered and looks great....
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