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A Nice Warm Tile Floor- Blog

You live in a cooler climate where the seasons are separated by some dramatic changes in temperature. The home you purchased is almost perfect. The flooring in the bathroom needs updating. Going to the local big box store does not help your frustration with the choices in front of you. After a time, tile seems the most logical choice since water damage is the primary concern in any bathroom. Ok… tile it is. Now what?

Typically when you hear about a tile floor, warm is not a word used to describe it. How can a tile floor be warm you ask? Did you know there are inexpensive systems available to install with your new floor to fix that problem?

Residential radiant heat systems have been around for some time. The traditional systems use heated water through tubing underneath your finish floor. These systems are expensive because they involve plumbers, hundreds of feet of tubing with multiple water pumps and heating systems that use hot water. What if your heating system is hot air? What options are available?

Companies such as Schluter, Warmup, Warmtiles, and Flextherm all offer inhome radiant-heating systems for your new floor. Electric radiant heating is both efficient and less expensive than other radiant heating systems available.

Give us a call and we can talk with you about one of these products to give your new tile floor the warmth it and you deserve!

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