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Flooring Philosophy - Blog

Flooring is a wonderful invention. What a nice product to place your feet after a long day standing or walking on unpleasant and uncomfortable ground. In today's world, however, cheap flooring is what all the commercials say customers want. If the only options for flooring were cheap or cheaper, I would agree.

But since there are new materials being cut, kilned, cured, and invented on a daily basis, that is not the case. A good floor is something a person can be proud of when first installed. But once the revelers go home and the streamers are put away, the floor needs to function for years and years. 

Cheap flooring is wonderful for a homeowner looking to sell their home and want that added flair on a stale and most likely outdated environment. Chances are once the new owners move in they will change the flooring to their style and needs anyway. This is where quality flooring is most important. 

There are plenty of places that sell flooring to pinch pennies with accessories and underlayment to match. Unfortunately, these materials will wear faster and fail sooner than a quality flooring system. When I talk about a system, I mean a specific mix of products designed to work with each other to form your floor. Each product has their own purpose. When joined, these materials form a bond that can last the life of a home.

Since the home is still one of the most expensive and important investments for most of us, flooring should not be an after thought. The products offered at The House of Tile are quality materials for a wide variety of homes. Andrew has spent years creating relationships with his vendors to get the best possible price for the materials he sells. 

All these materials will make any homeowner proud to have taken the time to look and compare. Years down the road, when the floor is still as wonderful as the day it was installed, our customers will be more than satisfied with the purchase they made.

Quality, quality, quality is our rule. Take the time to talk with us. Take the time to visit our store and see all the options available.

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