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As big stores use their gigabytes of data to decide what products to sell and what products to remove from their shelves, the consumer is left to settle. 

I remember when most of the big box stores started their rise in the different areas of home improvement, retail and office supplies. The promise of endless selections of things that were shiny and new. Items that smaller local stores would not or could not stock were on display for all to see. 

Fast forward a few decades and those big box stores have used the "big data" they amassed to get a financial picture of what people buy and when. For the big retailer and marketers it is a windfall of information. All the data on spending habits down to the smallest detail is at their fingertips. 

The big stores said it would allow them to give the customer what they want based on past buying habits. The big stores said all the reward cards they offer will enable lower prices because forecasting trends and advantages of volume purchasing. 

This is what was sold to the consumer. What have the end results been? Selective selling of products based on margins often having nothing to do with what the consumers needs or wants. Some of the data collected in their quest to help the consumer is used to find out how much consumers are willing to accept when offered products that do not meet their need. My favorite is a statistic about how much a consumers post purchase anger will affect the overall sales percentages. 

Where does that leave the consumer? Walking down endless isles of products that are rotated seasonally to service the masses. They often ignore a good percentage of the remaining customers as acceptable losses. How often have you looked for an item at a big box only to be told it is out of season? What happened to end of season sales? 

Smaller specialty stores are the one solution to the big box stores. Specialty stores offer what the big stores can't: Experience in the industry, products sourced to meet needs versus bottom line, and sales people who aren't switching from one profession to another depending on the day of the week or staffing need. 

Flooring is important to your comfort. Flooring is important to the value of your biggest asset. Flooring can make a statement about who you are and what is important to you. 

Why would you entrust such an important item to a company that fights to reduce its overhead by hiring sales people that have no experience and no stake in the customers they work with? You are better than that. 

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