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Introduction - Blog

I have worked for Andrew for 10 years. In that time, I have seen the successes and failures of both the business and the industry. This is an industry tied to the fortunes of discretionary income and available home improvement dollars.

I first met Andrew after doing business with the House of Tile through a local contractor. He added an addition to our home. This addition needed flooring. He recommended the House of Tile without a pause. I trusted him and bought my all my hardwood flooring from them. It has been over 10 years and the floor has weathered and looks great despite 3 teenagers growing up while having friends all trample on it in feet, shoes, and anything else they may have been wearing. There are also our two dogs that are never careful as they scurry after the cats or at the mention of food!

Since then, I have purchased porcelain tile, bamboo, and all the accessories to complete my home flooring renovations. I like to work on things myself and have picked Flynn's brain over time to learn what to do and not do when installing a new floor. There is no other business of this kind I can think of that would spend the time explaining and working with customers to answer and satisfy their needs. I would not be mentioning this if my experience were unique due to the fact of my employment with the House of Tile. But my experience is not unique.

Flynn spends his days talking with customers and interested local contractors answering their questions. He works with them to pick out the right flooring. This is how he does business. This is how Andrew built his company. Twenty-nine years and counting in Bennington, Vermont.

The other flooring consultants at his business spend their days talking with and educating their customers on the right flooring materials and accessories for their projects. Take some time to visit the showroom and you will understand why so much care is taken to work with our customers to provide the most in-depth understanding of the flooring options available.

Flooring is all the House of Tile does. Andrew is always one to have side projects that he works on; but flooring is his passion. This family run business has weathered the economic storm to come out the other side with an appreciation for the customers needs. Every customer is sacred to his business. I have seen it first hand as a customer.

As you may gather, I am not a flooring professional. I am a DIY'er at best. My blog postings will include new products and installation techniques to help you better understand our business. New products are always coming through the door.

Please visit us and make a day of talking with our design consultants on your specific needs. 

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