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Is Cheap Really Cheaper? - Blog

In a Walmart world every product needs to be cheaper in order for the consumer to feel they received the best deal. In some situations I would have to agree. Generic or no name brands of certain pain medications and items that are not expected to last 20 years should be purchased based on price, but not price alone.

The home you currently reside in or are thinking about buying is most likely the most expensive possession you own. If it turns out your car is the most expensive; then I can't help you. For the rest of us, the types of materials you invest into your home will help keep or increase its value over time.

A return on investment is important when considering how much you have spent on other items in your home. Items such as the appliances you use everyday or the heating and cooling systems that regulate the temperature of your home. None of these items are purchased solely based on how cheap they are.

Flooring is no exception. Buying the floors in your home based solely on price will ensure two things. 

1.You get what you pay for
2.They will not last as long 

Quality flooring can also be inexpensive without being cheap. Some materials may be left over from a discontinued line of products. Others may be the monthly or even weekly sales items vendors have to push products they have an abundance of. This is why it is important to work with our design consultants on materials that may not be the exact color or style but similar. This similar product could save you money.

When you are in the market for a floor for your home, please consider quality as well as price when comparing. Without quality, the floor is guaranteed to be cheap.

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