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It's the Sub-Floor Silly! - Blog

What is a sub-floor? I know there are some who know and others may not. For those people I will explain.

A sub-floor is the structure of your finish floor. The materials you choose to walk and live on in your home do not have the structure and strength to prevent breaking or moving as your home ages. The sub-floor provides what is missing to allow your finish floor to exist and maintain its awesomeness.

If your sub-floor is weak, then everything you put over it will be weak and eventually fail. I've used the term "lipstick on a pig" many times to describe a situation where the core is bad, but with a pretty covering, it will be fine. Not true.

Over the years, carpeting has been used to cover uneven sub-flooring because of the expense required to rip out and replace it. Unfortunately this has its own problems when its edges rub and rip the padding under the carpet. This can cause an early failure of the carpets integrity.

These are situations where an underlayment is needed and used. Underlayment material goes between the sub-floor and the finish floor. When installed, it smoothes the edges and makes the finish floor more secure with fewer opportunities to fail.

When you come in and visit us, we will ask all the important questions relating to your interests in a new floor and the current sub-floor integrity and level. These are only a few of the items discussed when you talk with one of our design consultants. 

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